Who Is Dump the Chump

Dump the Chump has one goal – get rid of Trump in the next election. Until a democratic candidate is chosen to face Trump, we will remain neutral during the Democratic Primary. In the meantime, we will focus our efforts in three areas:

  1. Get out the Vote – young and minority voters who traditionally vote for Democrats and progressives have historically been underrepresented in elections. 
    The change in demographics means minority voter outreach is even more critical than in the past. Additionally, the right is even more brazen about stifling low-income voters. We will implement and fund “get out the vote” campaigns as well as fight the right’s abhorrent and often illegal efforts to thwart and suppress voters.
  2. Aid Working Class Voters – the rich have gained off the backs of the working class, and the economic boom has been a bust to everyday people. Trump taxes the working class and gives the windfall to the wealthy.
    We will reveal Trump’s deceitful rhetoric for what it is, a disinformation campaign that is obliterating high paying union and blue collar jobs, actively stifling income growth for all but the super rich, and ensuring that the vast majority of Americans are forced to work until they die because they’ll never be able to achieve a secure and dignified retirement.
  3. Focus on Competitive States – the electoral college is here for now. This means certain States play an overly large role in who is elected.
    We will initially target voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Arizona. However, we will closely monitor polls and be willing to quickly shift focus where we can most effective.

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